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Improve the help document, include a video tutorial and allow users to access mailwasher on home networks. Also by right clicking on the clients icons etc link to the tool tips and help document

I found the help document confusing at times. On installing the client it scanned my computer and found no email clients despite using several.

I am full of morphine and suffered a head injury which has affected my memory, so remembering how to use many programs, unless I use then regularily is very difficult. I have to constantly relearn how to use many of the programs I use, so a step by step tutorial would be of great value to me.

Also being able to access the program on my home network, which comprises seven computers, all of which are used by me, depending on which room I'm occupying at the time. I access my emails from all of these and would love to be able to access the program from a single installation.

Accessing tool tips doesn't seem to work on many of the icons. It would be great if all icons on the GUI had tool tips showing when hovering the mouse pointer and also by right clicking on any icon the appropriate entry in the help document could pop up/be accessed, making it easier to understand for users like myself who find it difficult to remember how to use these programs

Whiterabbit-uk, 22.07.2015, 04:48
Idea status: under consideration


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